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Privacy Policy


We value your privacy. 

As a Medical Spa, we are well versed in HIPAA and the laws that govern medical practices. However, this page is not to explain HIPAA and boring legal jargon. Rather, to explain to you, that while our spa may be open concept and we foster a fun environment; we assure you that do not post photos of you online or permit others to photograph you without your consent. 

We do explain our privacy policy to all clients at our first appointment and we re-discuss privacy at every appointment again! We do this because we value your privacy and will always give you the option to say NO to social media posts or photography. 

Your Records

We use an electronic record keeping system called Aesthetic Record! We will give you a personal log-in to your portal at your first visit! All your pre/post instructions, consent forms and post visit summaries are in the portal. 

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