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Medical Grade Facials

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We provide medical grade facials using SkinMedica and Neocutis medical grade skincare. Powered by hydrodermabrasion, our Hydroglow facial or Hydroglow deluxe facial gives your results and relaxation!

What We

Hydroglow Facial


Hydrodermabrasion extracts, exfoliates and infuses medical grade serum by SkinMedica. Includes a double cleanse, Dermaplaning and custom moisturizer. 30 minutes.

Deluxe Facial


Combines Hydroglow facial with LED and Radiofrequency. 60 minutes

LED therapy only


Five variations of LED light in a panel. These variations are able to target signs of aging, clear active acne, soothe sensitive skin, and boost immunity! Does not include cleanser, dermaplaning or moisturizer. 30 minutes.

Teen Facial


Hydrodermabrasion paired with NeoCutis medical grade products. Includes a double cleanse and custom moisturizer. 20 minutes.

Radiofrequency Facial


Radiofrequency anti-aging uses a comfortable heat to stimulate collagen production for wrinkle reduction, and volume loss in the cheeks. Includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning and custom moisturizer. 30 minutes. 

LED Facial


Double cleanse, derma plane and custom moisturizer followed by 30 minutes under the LED panel with a custom light setting for your skin concerns. 

I can't believe how excellent my face felt after my first hydroglow deluxe treatment! I have seen improvement in the hydration of my skin as well as my acne! 


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