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Extra Services

Make it a Spa Day!

Discounts when you combine more than one service!
2 services 20% off

3 services 30% off


LED Therapy


Five types of LED light using a no-contact panel can rest over you during your IV hydration! Or during sessions at Impact Wellness Spa such as cryoslimming session, in the float bed or lymphatic drainage suit! 

Sauna Blanket 


Infrared, sauna blankets work by wrapping your body in a heated pouch that increases your bodies, temperature safely by increasing the thermal energy of your body, which stimulates a healthy blood flow for powerful anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and detoxify benefits. This helps flush out taxes to strengthen your immune system, booster, metabolism for faster, fat burning and reduce inflammation and puffiness, which helps with tighter, healthier looking skin with multiple treatments, patient report, weight loss, improve metabolism, and relief from muscle aches and pains.  


Impact Wellness Spa Services


We've paired up with Impact Wellness Spa to bring you some collaborative Services that go well together!


Combine any Hello Hydration service with these services from Impact Wellness Spa for just $50

-Hocatt Sauna

-Dry Float Bed 

-Lymphatic Drainage Suit 

Your IV Therapy is portable and can be brought downstairs to enjoy these as a combo service, or separately 

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